Whether you are stepping into the market for the first time or are a seasoned investor, our calculators are designed to provide personalised insight into your finances. Navigate effortlessly through mortgage calculations, tax estimations and rental yield equations, all tailored to the Kiwi property market. As you explore various scenarios our tools adapt, ensuring you're equipped with up-to-date data that echoes market dynamics. This is where simplicity meets sophistication - enabling you to make informed decisions with confidence. Join the multitude of Kiwis who trust realtor.co.nz to demystify the numbers behind property dealings, solidifying your path to wise investments and successful transactions. This calculator suite is provided as part of our partnership with Calculate.co.nz.

Advanced Mortgage Calculator 

Navigate complex mortgage scenarios, comparing different interest rates and payment plans. Ideal for evaluating mortgage options and planning future repayments.

Borrowing Capacity Calculator

Assess your potential loan amount based on income, expenses and current interest rates. Provides insight into how much you might be able to borrow for property purchases.

Debt Service Ratio Calculator

Calculate your debt service ratio to understand the portion of income dedicated to debt repayments. This is vital for assessing financial health and loan affordability.

First-Home Buyer Calculator

Designed for first-time buyers, this tool helps estimate the costs and savings needed for a first home purchase.

Historical Rates Analysis Calculator

Analyse the impact of historical interest rate changes on your mortgage, helping you understand market trends and future rate fluctuations.

Interest Only Mortgage Calculator

Estimate monthly payments for an interest-only mortgage, focusing on interest payments without reducing the principal.

KiwiSaver Calculator

The KiwiSaver Calculator helps predict retirement savings. This is an essential tool for New Zealand residents to plan their KiwiSaver contributions and investments.

Loan to Value Calculator

Determine the loan-to-value ratio of your property, a crucial factor in loan approval and interest rate determination.

LVR Lending Capacity Calculator

Estimate your lending capacity based on the loan-to-value ratio - essential for understanding potential loan offers.

Mortgage Break Fee Calculator

Assess potential fees for early mortgage repayment. This is important for homeowners considering refinancing or selling.

Mortgage Budget Calculator

Plan your budget by estimating monthly mortgage payments based on loan amount, interest rate and loan term.

Mortgage Comparison Calculator

Side-by-side comparison of different mortgage options, including interest rates and repayment terms, to find the best mortgage plan.

Mortgage Effective Interest Rate Calculator

Determine your mortgage's effective interest rate, considering the nominal rate and compounding frequency.

Mortgage Interest Rate Comparison Calculator

Compare various mortgage interest rates to understand their impact on total interest cost and monthly payments.

Mortgage Refinance Calculator

Evaluate the benefits and costs of refinancing your mortgage, including potential savings or added costs.

Mortgage Repayment Calculator

Calculate regular mortgage repayments, providing clarity on repayment duration and total interest payable.

Mortgage Term Payment Comparison Calculator

Compare payments over different mortgage terms to see the effect of term length on monthly payment and total interest.

PAYE Calculator

Easily calculate your PAYE tax deductions in New Zealand for accurate tax compliance.

Principal Payback Milestone Calculator

Track your mortgage principal repayment progress and key payback milestones.

Property Capitalisation Rate Calculator

Assess the potential return on investment of your property using the capitalisation rate - a vital metric for investors.

Property Capital Value Change Calculator

Estimate changes in your property's capital value over time, helping you understanding market trends and appreciation.

Property New Build Calculator

Estimate the comprehensive cost of building a new property in New Zealand, including site preparation, construction materials and legal fees.

Rent Affordability Calculator

Determine affordable rent based on your income to help you find a financially suitable rental property.

Rental Yield and Investment Calculator

Designed to calculate the rental yield of a property, a key metric for investors to assess the profitability of a rental property.

Real Estate Commission Calculator

Calculate the commission payable on real estate transactions - essential for budgeting in property sales.

Simple Mortgage Calculator

Quickly calculate monthly mortgage payments for straightforward and easy mortgage planning.

YTD Earnings Calculator

Use our YTD Earnings Calculator to easily forecast your annual income from your latest payslip, enabling smarter financial planning with accuracy and confidence.

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