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Whether you're buying, selling or building property in New Zealand, we've got your back, with a heap of resources and insights just for you. Our mission at is simple: to help you navigate the property transaction process with ease. Basically, we're here to break down all that complicated, confusing property stuff into easy, manageable steps.

Whether you're a first-timer or a seasoned pro in the property game, we're here to light the way, making sure your property journey is as smooth as possible.

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Industry Experts

We have a highly knowledgeable team of advisers, real estate professionals and property investors who have been pivotal to the creation of this website and who share the vision of what we are trying to achieve. Given the nature of the property industry in New Zealand they have elected to not be named publicly at this stage.

James (CEO and co-founder) 

I strongly believe in the interconnectedness of our community and that success and wellbeing are collective efforts, where each person's achievements contribute to the whole. That's why I’m passionate about providing accessible, personalised knowledge sharing to help in areas that usually are high stress, or high cost by providing quality resources tailored to individual needs. This way, we not only support each person's growth but also strengthen the fabric of our society. Empowered individuals can positively impact the community, fostering a cycle of shared growth and support for all.

My role as the creator of websites like, and*, along with several others, mirrors my commitment to fostering industry transparency and delivering high-quality, accessible information to New Zealanders at no cost to the user. These platforms are designed with the purpose of enlightening and empowering the public. With approximately one in ten New Zealanders engaging with these sites annually, my ambition extends further with the launch of This new addition is another stride towards my ongoing goal: to uplift and assist Kiwis, enhancing the collective wellbeing and knowledge of our community, and reinforcing the cycle of growth and support in New Zealand. 

"We rise by lifting others." - Robert Ingersoll.

Narly Kalupahana (CLO and co-founder

I have been an Intellectual Property Lawyer and Patent Attorney for 25 years.  After being involved in a legal tech startup, I was drawn to James’ idea of making the buy/sell/build real estate world far more accessible to Kiwis.

I remember when buying our first house, I didn’t really understand the process – and would have loved to have had a simple guide to what I needed to do and when to do it. aims to provide the New Zealand public with a simple and independent guide to virtually any aspect of real estate transactions.

Connie Poletti (Finance Manager)

Kia ora! I am a Chartered Accountant with a passion for the New Zealand property market. My focus lies in devising innovative strategies to assist individuals in climbing the property ladder and augmenting their investment portfolios. For several years, I've had the pleasure of knowing James, whose ingenuity and creative approach to developing community-focused tools have greatly inspired me.

Navigating the property market in New Zealand is notoriously challenging, especially given the complexities involved in understanding legal, financial, and procedural aspects. The plethora of information available is often muddled with conflicting advice. What captivates me most about is its commitment to bridging a significant gap in a domain that is vital to many New Zealanders. strives to level the playing field, offering transparency in procedures and ensuring equal access for all. This is achieved through providing comprehensive, clear information about buying, selling, and building properties, complemented by supportive guidance on actioning every step of the process — all at no cost to the user. In essence, embodies accessibility, simplicity and practicality, something that resonates deeply with my professional ethos.

Freehand Design

Freehand Art + Design is a collective of creatives, led by designer and illustrator Hilary Campbell. We thank Freehand for being our dedicated design partners and designing the entire website.

Development Team

We have two full time Full Stack Developers working on the project – we could not have achieved this without their excellent work.

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